About us

The Danish Pain Research Center (DPRC) conducts research in neuropathic pain with national, foundation and industry funding.  The Center was founded in 1994 as a university-based clinical research unit by neurologist Troels Staehelin Jensen, who is Director of the Center. The mission of the research is to understand the mechanisms of neuropathic pain to improve  treatment. The Center has a close collaboration with the  Neuropathic Pain Clinic.

Investigators in the DPRC integrate a wide range of methods from pharmacology, neurophysiology, animal behavioral studies, fMR imaging and clinical observations, and the Center has all the  equipment and resources required to perform clinical trials according to Good Clinical Practice including the equipment and experience necessary to carry out quantitative sensory testing using thermal, electrical, tactile and vibratory stimuli.

Current areas of research interests include spinal cord injury pain, postoperative pain, poststroke pain, complex regional pain syndrome, painful peripheral neuropathy and chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy.

The DPRC is located in beautiful surroundings at Aarhus University Hospital, Norrebrogade.