Publications 1996

Original peer-reviewed papers
Andersen OK, Felsby S, Nikolajsen L, Bjerring P, Jensen TS, Arendt-Nielsen L. The effect of ketamine on stimulation of primary and secondary hyperalgesic areas induced by capsaicin - a double blind, placebo controlled human experimental study. Pain 1996; 66:51-62.

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Reviews and editorials
Jensen TS. Welcome to the 8th World Congress on Pain, Vancouver, Canada, August 17-22, 1996. Pain 1996; 66:1-2.

Book chapters/Proceedings
Jensen TS. Mechanisms of neuropathic pain, In: Campbell JN, (Ed), Pain 1996 - An Updated Review. IASP Press, Seattle 1996 pp. 77-86.

Hansen CL. Effect of lidocaine on mechanical and thermal hyperalgesia in postherpetic neuralgia. Diploma Degree, University of Aarhus, 1996.